Things to consider before renting your first apartment.

When renting an apartment, you need to understand that it can be your home for an extended period. A flat, unlike a vehicle or furniture, is not something that can be changed now and then. Hence a very rational approach needs to be taken before renting an apartment especially your first one. A clear view is to be had as to what you want out of the apartment.

We need to check if the outside of the apartment is in good condition. This encompasses all the surroundings including the level of pollution and littering. A clean is especially important as good health can only be fostered in a clean environment.


You need to check if there is a park or a garden within the complex as this can be a place of relaxation when stressed. You need to get a clear picture as to who maintains this and the cost associated with it.



One of the most crucial aspects of an apartment is it’s proximity to bus stands, autorickshaw and taxi stands are very important.


Neighbours are probably more important than family in this regard as a neighbor makes or breaks a good livable condition. A family is far away while any immediate help has to be extended by neighbours. Furthermore since being single can lead to a lot of notoriety it is essential that you have neighbours who are helpful but not nosy.
The integrity of the house:
It is imperative to check if the house has been burgled before and if it is in a safe condition.



The interior has to be thoroughly checked for peeling paint or damp walls as that can lead to more money in repairs later. It is also important to note if there is an easy exit in the event of a fire. It is most important to check the wiring as faulty wiring can lead to problems later on. It is also advisable to opt for a furnished apartment as that can save a considerable amount of money later on. If furnished it is essential to check the condition of the pieces of equipment as later on that can be a cause of a dispute.


It is important to understand the rent and the bills that are required to be paid by you. It is important to note the total cost necessary to run the place and if you can afford it above the security deposit.

These are some points that will help you in your house hunting.